What Situations Require an IP Attorney?


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The role of IP in a business is insufficiently understood. It is probably under-valued, under-managed or under-exploited. One of the key factors affecting a company’s success or failure is the degree to which it effectively exploits intellectual capital and values risk.
— WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Geneva, Switzerland

IP assets are critical to your prosperity. Use IP Law to protect your competitive advantages/ideas. Below are examples where IP can be used for advantage.


  • Stopping counterfeits of your products

  • Preventing competitors using your trademark as keyword

  • Controlling trademarks in smartphone apps

  • Monitoring Social Media misuse of your trademarks

  • Deciding design and trade dress rights in 3-D printing age

Confidential Information and Trade Secrets

  • Protecting your non-public Confidential Information

  • Failing to protect means you will lose trade secret rights

  • Using your Trade Secrets Policy correctly

  • Controlling third-party use of your trade secrets

Acquiring or Creating IP

  • Using outside knowledge workers to develop IP

  • Selling, buying, or licensing IP

  • Buying a business which owns IP

  • Creating a new, proprietary product/design

  • Deciding between a patent or a trade secret

Enforcing Your Rights

  • Stopping a competitor from stealing your IP

  • Responding when ex-employees use your IP

  • Sending a Cease and Desist letter

IP Audit

  • Identifying your IP to monetize optimally

  • Discovering if weaknesses exist and correcting them

  • Analyzing if your IP is properly protected

  • Improving IP systems and rights


  • Acquiring needed IP to support business model

  • Establishing proper IP structure/ownership

  • Creating proper IP protection systems


  • Locking down T’s and C’s to prevent IP theft

  • Reacting when your domain name has been copied

  • Developing a mobile app


  • Creating new income stream from your IP

  • Assessing value of licensed assets

  • Structuring licenses and weighing approaches

  • Controlling licensed sales


  • Advertising your product

  • Comparing your products to your competitors’ products

  • Using celebrity or sponsorship endorsements

Data and Privacy

  • Collecting personally identifiable information (PII)

  • Complying with GDPR European requirements

  • Responding to data breaches

  • Addressing cybersecurity problems

Heavy IP Users

  • Tech companies

  • Consumer products companies

  • Companies using proprietary systems to succeed

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