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Trademarks distinguish your products from your competitors’ products making it easier to find you. Trademarks, in a single word, for a bargain price, communicate intellectual and emotional messages about your products and reputation. Research shows branded products command a higher profit margin than non-branded products.


You use non-public information (trade secrets) to succeed. Your competition wants your trade secrets. However, to protect your valuable information, you must use reasonable measures to protect your trade secrets. If your company fails to take these reasonable measures as required by law, a court may allow your competitors to use your data.


When you own valuable IP, your competitors will try to use it to steal your customers. We can help you stop them from stealing your valuable IP - as quickly as possible. With trademarks, you must enforce your trademarks or you could lose your trademark (“abandonment”). Or, if someone accuses you of misusing their IP, we can help you.


You might be interested in acquiring or licensing IP to take advantage of a developed technology, system, trademark, or invention. This can be an efficient way to start or grow your business. Or, maybe you want to charge others to use your technology. Licensing is the answer.


The law, and your business, change all the time. You should review your IP periodically to ensure you are using optimal legal mechanisms to protect your IP and to not infringe the IP of others. We will determine if your IP assets and procedures are best supporting your business goals.


If you are starting a business, your IP might be your most valuable asset- and it will be when you sell your business. It is critical to the long-term value of the business to structure your IP ownership and protection properly now. You have multiple options to use IP to reserve exclusive positioning for your business.


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