Situations Requiring the Right IP Attorney

Examples of real-life business situations when it is advisable to consult an IP lawyer. With your everyday business situations, it might not be intuitive to see where IP can help you. This list of examples will help you.

Why Your Business Should Own a Federal Trademark

A great description of the ever-increasing benefits of a U.S. federal trademark during these digital and social media times. It can last forever and is a bargain considering how it can increase revenues.

The Trademark Registration Process

As a law firm which counsels businesses, this information will help you know the process for registering your trademark with the U.S. Trademark Office.

Choosing a Great Trademark

A brief explanation of what to consider when choosing your Trademark. The main value in a trademark is to create greater sales and margins. Some trademarks are stronger and better than others. We help you decide.

The Trademark Clearance Process

Before using the trademark (or any IP), it is best to search for trademarks in line ahead of you. This article explains this straightforward, beneficial process for your proposed Trademark.

Examples of Legally Strong and Weak Trademarks

A trademark must possess certain characteristics and the law defines these attributes. These examples will help explain the legal attributes needed for great trademark legal protection.

Intellectual Property Law Counseling Accomplishments

A brief representation of some of our of Intellectual Property Law counseling accomplishments on behalf of our beloved clients.

Benefits of a Legal Audit

Legal audits are excellent, preventive tools to improve legal processes and legal compliance. Every company has hidden legal problems. Statistics prove that if companies can uncover and resolve these hidden legal problems, they will prevent significant losses and improve their profitability.

Protecting Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are any non-public information you possess. You must take these reasonable measures to protect your Trade Secrets or they could be lost forever. Once they are lost to your competitors, they often cannot be regained.

Trade Secrets Primer

Trade Secrets are protected by contract. Your business provides its trade secrets to many people, including employees, for good purposes. However, if you do not protect your trade secrets when they are used by others you could lose your ownership rights. Follow the right process and you will not lose your ownership.

23 Best Practices for Legal Services for Businesses

A comprehensive listing of the 23 Best Practices for lawyers providing legal services to business clients.

How to Best Represent the Company Client

Corporations have different needs from non-business clients. We present a set of philosophical and legal practice guidelines, many drawn from management consulting.

The Law Department Method for Private Practitioners

How In-House Counsel’s best practices can be used by private practitioners. Law Departments must understand the business and must incorporate business goals into legal decisions. We help explain how to use this method.

The On-Site Legal Method

A new trend in the private practice of law is the innovative creation of the On-Site Legal Method. Here, law firm attorneys act as a company’s in-house Law Department, but keep their independence. The best of both worlds.

How Companies Lose Their Corporate Shield (Piercing the Corporate Veil)

You need a company (LLC or corporation) to shield your personal assets from the creditors of your business. This article will show you how to prevent personal liability to you caused by problems in the business.